While I considered not sharing My personal videos on My site, I’d realized that partly the reason I would be hired was due to the reality of My day to day life; which often consists of (when I’m not working) singing the music I enjoy. Though I would recommend those looking to hire Me to see My Professional Videos; you might also consider My more personal videos so that you can see My consistency in vocal delivery.

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Scared to be Lonely - Nayla Palacios - Cover Song (Origi
 86   30   0       11/17/2020 00:04:01
Mix de boomerang! Nayla Palacios
 305   47   0       07/19/2012 00:03:32

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My Immortal - Cover Nay P. ( version ESPAÑOL adaptada)
 281   2   0       03/29/2021 00:04:23
Me voy Cover Original Casi Angeles
 483   69   5       04/20/2021 00:00:37